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the band

Elepharmers is a stoner rock power trio formed at the end of 2009. Influenced by sunny as unspoiled landscapes of their land, Elepharmers plays the sound of the 70es, melted with raw blues, psychedelic fascinations and the groove of the 90es’ stoner rock. Their debut album "Weird Tales From The Third Planet", released in October 2013 by Go Down Records, includes 8 tracks of dirty raw guitars, scratching vocals and pressing drums. Between 2013 and 2015 the band toured thru Italy and Germany, collecting more than 40 shows, supporting bands like Karma To Burn, Red Fang, Mars Red Sky, Electric Moon, Spacelords and many other. Only in their region, Sardinia, they sold more than 300 Cds. “Erebus” the new LP album is ready now, with 6 heavy stoner songs, showing a big growth since their first release. There are more instrumental moments, with also acoustic guitars, synth and hammond arrangements. Erebus will be released in November 2016 by Go Down Records.