Elepharmers are a trio that plays a mix of hard 70's blues, psychedelic space-rock, 90's stoner: they come from Sardinia (Italy), an island in the West Mediterranean Sea.The band's members are strongly influenced by their native land: sunny and unspoiled plains, wild coasts, mysterious megalithic sites, ancient forests. Elepharmers' sound is made by impressive riffs & psychedelic guitar solos, powerful drums' grooves, bluesy vocals and some synth incursions. The band released 3 full-lenght albums: "Weird Tales From the Third Planet" (Go Down Records, 2013), "Erebus" (Go Down Records, 2016) and "Lords of Galaxia (Electric Valley Records, 2019). Elepharmers toured  Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands; they played at important international festivals like Duna Jam, Elav Stoner Open Air, Maximum Festival, Monolithix Fest and they shared the stage with bands like Karma to Burn, Yawning Man, Red Fang, Mars Red Sky, Toner Low, Monkey 3, Electric Moon, Wedge, Giobia and many others. The spring 2020 European tour was postponed and then unfortunately cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Throughout 2020 and 2021, the Elepharmers have suspended concert activity but have continued to write new stuff, and in 2022 they will resume playing clubs and festivals in conjunction with the pre-production of a new album.